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Wanted: Early 1928 Center bumper clamp with "Ford" and "Made In Canada" in smaller print directly below the Ford script. This is needed for an early 1928 Sports Coupe. Also, the "B" pillar covers, which are sheet metal and rounded at the bottom. Any pictures of the top and hardware would be greatly appreciated. My car was a shell, so this would be a big help. Please conctact, John Poole at tinbasher@rogers.com.

For sale: "The Right Hand Drive Model 'A' Ford". Book release. This book compares Right Hand Drive Model ‘A’ Fords to Left Hand Drive Model ‘A’ Fords, showing all the differences. The books are printed in full colour, 44 pages long, A/5 sizing, gloss pages including the semi hard colour cover, flat spine. This book also contains data on the differences between Canadian manufactured exported vehicles and USA assembled vehicles from 1928 to 1931. (Excluding RHD to LHD differences.) plus much more. Retails for $29.95 USD. I am looking for resellers around the world. A good mark up is given. For all inquiries: Please contact modelabooks@xtra.co.nz

Wanted:  5 Canadian Schrader or Dill valve stems, bridge washers, nuts and covers as well as 1 E.A. horn of the 1929 vintage to go on a 1929 Canadian Built Ford Murray.  Please send picture and price to:  dagambill@q.com (Dan Gambill, U.S.A.)


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